Nuzab’s provocative and “communal” speech both applauded and attacked

Written by Havi Sultan

In a rally of about edited people in edited Nationalist leader Nuzab gave a patriotic speech and reinforced his links to Hyderabad, Deccan. He claimed that Hyderabad rightfully belonged to Pakistan and the country should make major efforts in taking it back.

Nuzair or Nuzab as called in his language has been known for his Anti-Indian stance and witnessed the abuse the PNA chapter in Canada suffered due to the abuse and threats of Indian Nationals. Nuzab escaped his hometown Hyderabad due to the efforts of Pakistani Nationalists and has lost a sister to Indian mobs as well as other distant relatives. Part of the two hour address of his speech can be found here (The original speech was in Urdu):

“Do you Biharis remember what the Indians did to you? They massacred you in Bihar and slaughtered as many of you as they could. They forced you out of your homes in Bihar as they forced me! Then they came to your new home in Bengal and slaughtered you again and this time tore your nation in half. India will never leave us until all of us are dead. This is a lesson for us, a major lesson.” He screamed into a rising din of voices.

“The Indians act and behave like the most barbaric force ever present. I saw with my own eyes what they did to innocents in Mughalpura (a locality in Hyderabad). We must resist them and give a hand to Muslim brothers left there and being oppressed by them so that we can retake our land which was stolen in operation Polo.”

“In our Hyderabad the population of the city was reduced by 200,000 by the murder of Muslims in an attempt to change the cities demographics. The Indians have always called us Pakistani, there is nothing such as an Indian Muslim. Each Muslim from Kashmir to Madras and Gujarat to Assam is a Pakistani and only a Pakistani. Any Muslim who says otherwise is a traitor. Our neighbourhoods are called “chota” Pakistan by them. We are not chota Pakistan, we will become “bara” Pakistan and throw you into the ocean,” the leader said to a roaring crowd at edit in edit

Other parts of his speech included praise for senior leaders of the edited, the condemnation of MQM and praise for Pakistan. He also claimed Dalits were seeking freedom from India and should come to Pakistan. “You will be surprised how those under protection of the Nationalists are treated.”

Nuzab’s speech was very well received by the general Nationalist and there was jubilation all around though some condemned him for giving a false impression that Muslims in India were waiting to be liberated. Nonetheless at least 3 senior leaders endorsed Nuzair’s speech and one called him “the future of the Nationalist Movement”

But at times Nuzab has been criticized by liberal leaders within his own Nationalist organizations and from various other organizations for bringing religion into politics. Shilmihi and Afzal condemned the latest speech though they refused to comment for the Nationalist News Network. Flora Xavier who is the head of a minorities wing in a Nationalist organization and condemned Nuzab’s speech as “reeking of Anti-Hindu sentiment.” However she said she sympathized with Nuzab’s views on account of the losses he suffered where he once lived. She further stressed that Pakistan must work on humanitarian issues and local poverty rather than what happens in a foreign land. “We resolve our issues, India won’t be able to touch us.”

Mansur Elahi head of edited ordered (Hindu) Pakistani Nationalist member edited to make a statement from Canada. “Who is Nuzab talking about throwing in the Indian ocean here? Nuzab must clarify what he said, we are the sons of Pakistan and will stay here,” said angrily. He further added Nuzab had hurled a knife at his heart by attacking his faith. He added no one had done more for religious minorities than the Nationalist Movement. Religion and politics never work, he stated.

Liberal Nationalist Groups have a policy of helping up various discriminated groups including religious and linguistic minorities and propping them up as leaders and important members. This has resulted in a sense of security among some minorities. Orthodox or traditionalist movements are sometimes seen by them as a threat according to them due to the “communal mindset” they maintain (according to edited). Still with the hosting of UPNM different ideologues have banded together to form a common front which has become a need of the hour.